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Wrap Films

3M™ 1080/2080 Wrap Films

3M™ continues to lead the way with industry-leading automotive wrap films designed to impress and that will last for many years to come.

The all new 3M™ Wrap Series 2080 is rolling out in Canada and is revolutionizing the vehicle wrap industry with up to a 7 year warranty, improved conformability and easier installation. It features a protective film layer on all gloss films to help reduce surface impressions.

Whether it’s striping, a partial or full colour change, whatever your customer is seeking, WRI Supply sells 3M™ Wrap Films by the foot or by the roll. We have the largest selection of colours in stock, ready to ship. Ask about our custom colours.

View the 3M™ 1080/2080 WRI Supply Carries

1080 Custom Colours

  • 1080-VCW17076 Satin Neon Yellow, 60″ x 75′
  • 1080-VCW20950 Arrow Yellow, 60″ x 150′
  • 1080-VCW19050 Matterhorn White, 60″ x 150′

2080/1080 Colours, 60″ x 150′

  • 1080-BR120 Brushed Aluminum
  • 1080-BR201 Brushed Steel
  • 1080-BR212 Brushed Black Metallic
  • 1080-BR230 Brushed Titanium
  • 1080-CFS10 White Carbon Fibre
  • 1080-CFS201 Anthracite Carbon
  • 1080-DM12 Dead Black Matte
  • 1080-G120 Gloss Aluminum
  • 1080-G127 Gloss Boat Blue
  • 1080-G14 Gloss Burnt Orange
  • 1080-G201 Gloss Anthracite
  • 1080-G203 Gloss Red Metallic
  • 1080-G211 Gloss Charcoal Metallic
  • 1080-G212 Gloss Black Metallic
  • 1080-G217 Gloss Deep Blue Metallic
  • 1080-G227 Gloss Blue Metallic
  • 1080-G241 Gloss Gold Metallic
  • 1080-G247 Gloss Ice Blue
  • 1080-G25 Gloss Sunflower
  • 1080-G251 Gloss Sterling Silver
  • 1080-G31 Storm Gray
  • 1080-G327 Gloss Atlantis Blue
  • 1080-G335 Gloss Lemon Sting
  • 1080-G336 Gloss Green Envy
  • 1080-G337 Gloss Blue Fire
  • 1080-G344 Gloss Liquid Fire
  • 1080-G348 Gloss Fierce Fuscia
  • 1080-G356 Gloss Atomic Teal
  • 1080-G363 Gloss Dragon Fire
  • 1080-G364 Gloss Fiery Orange
  • 1080-G377 Gloss Cosmic Blue
  • 1080-G378 Gloss Blue Raspberry
  • 1080-G46 Gloss Kelly Green
  • 1080-G47 Gloss Intense Blue
  • 1080-G54 Gloss Bright Orange
  • 1080-G77 Gloss Sky Blue
  • 1080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome
  • 1080-GP253 Gloss Cinder Spark Red
  • 1080-GP258 Gloss Plum Explosion
  • 1080-GP272 Gloss Midnight Blue
  • 1080-GP281 Gloss Flip Psychedelic
  • 1080-GP287 Flip Electric Wave
  • 1080-GP291 Gloss Glacier Gray
  • 1080-GP298 Gloss Wicked
  • 1080-GP99 Gloss Black Rose
  • 1080-M13 Red Matte
  • 1080-M203 Red Matte Metallic
  • 1080-M206 Pine Green Matte Metallic
  • 1080-M209 Brown Matte Metallic
  • 1080-M21 Silver Matte
  • 1080-M211 Charcoal Matte Metallic
  • 1080-M227 Blue Metallic Matte
  • 1080-M229 Copper Metallic Matte
  • 1080-M230 Gray Aluminum Matte
  • 1080-M26 Military Green Matte
  • 1080-M261 Dark Gray Matte
  • 1080-M27 Indigo Matte
  • 1080-M54 Orange Matte
  • 1080-M67 Riviera Blue Matte
  • 1080-MX12 Matrix Black Matte
  • 1080-S10 Satin White
  • 1080-S120 Satin White Aluminum
  • 1080-S271 Satin Thundercloud
  • 1080-S327 Satin Ocean Shimmer
  • 1080-S335 Satin Bitter Yellow
  • 1080-S344 Satin Canyon Copper
  • 1080-S347 Satin Perfect Blue
  • 1080-S363 Satin Smoldering Red
  • 1080-S51 Satin Battleship Gray
  • 1080-S57 Satin Key West
  • 1080-SB26 Shadow Military Green
  • 1080-SP236 Satin Flip Volcanic Flare
  • 1080-SP242 Satin Gold Dust Black
  • 1080-SP277 Satin Flip Glacial Frost
  • 1080-SP280 Satin Flip Ghost Pearl
  • 1080-SP59 Satin Caramel Luster
  • 1080-VCW17076 Satin Neon Yellow
  • 1080-VCW19050 Matterhorn White
  • 1080-VCW19231 Hexagon
  • 1080-VCW20950 Arrow Yellow

3M™ Paint Protection Film

3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a high gloss or matte, conformable, transparent, self-healing film designed to protect automotive paint and other vulnerable surfaces from stone chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar stains, automotive fluid stains and outdoor weathering.

A durable high-grade colourless polyurethane film that protects high impact areas of vehicles from damage. 3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film provides excellent film clarity and gloss retention with a proprietary clear coat for optimal surface protection. Both the film and clear coat layers provide UV protection to prevent yellowing.

View the 3M™ PPF WRI Supply Carries

3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series 4.0 948 Paint Protection Film

  • 12” x 100’
  • 18” x 100’
  • 24” x 100’
  • 30” x 100’
  • 36” x 100’
  • 48” x 50’
  • 60” x 50′

3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series Matte (Satin) Paint Protection Film, 94460

  • 30″ x 100′
  • 36″ x 100′
  • 60″ x 50′

Available by the roll or by the lineal foot.

3M™ Automotive Window Film Colour Stable Series

3M™ Automotive Window Film Colour Stable Series (CS) is the ultimate automotive window tinting solution. The CS Series features nano-carbon embedded into the film, offering maximum heat protection, blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays while providing excellent colour stability that prevents the film from turning purple.

View the 3M™ Automotive Window Film WRI Supply Carries

  • 3M™ Colour Stable CS-5: 40” x 100’
  • 3M™ Colour Stable CS-20, CS-35, CS-50: 20” x 100’
  • 3M™ Colour Stable CS-20, CS-35, CS-50: 40” x 100’

3M™ Conceal Film

3M™ Conceal Film uses light management technology to create a camouflage effect that reduces the visual impact of cellular antennas. The wireless infrastructure mirrors the surrounding natural environment, whether skies are clear, gray or partly cloudy.

  • Metal-free film minimizes signal loss
  • Long-term outdoor durability
  • Eliminates the need for facades like faux trees.

View the 3M™ Conceal Film WRI Supply Carries

  • 34″ X 50 Yards

Available by the roll or the lineal foot.

Finsulate Antifouling Film: For Clean & Healthy Waterways

Finsulate® is an innovative solution when compared to traditional antifouling paint, which continually sheds heavy metals that are toxic to marine environments. Finsulate® is a wrap, not a paint. This makes the application easy and clean: no solvents that evaporate or paint residues at your work spot. After removal of the backing paper, the wrap adheres directly to the hull.

  • Finsulate® Antifouling Boat Wrap lasts for 5+ years
  • Superior long-term hull protection
  • Long term cost savings
  • Better for our marine environments.

View the Finsulate Antifouling Film WRI Supply Carries

  • Antifouling, Black, 29.25″ wide X 37 sq mtr
  • Speed Wrap, Black, 19.75″ wide x 30 sq mtr

Available by the roll or the lineal foot.

Signmax® Antimicrobial Film

SIGNMAX® Antimicrobial Film is a specialized polyolefin film of which the surface has been impregnated with a 100% coating of copper nanoparticles.
Copper and copper alloy have antimicrobial properties against viruses and have been proven to rapidly deactivate viruses within minutes of contact with a copper surface.
SIGNMAX® Antimicrobial Copper Film has been tested using the JIS Z 2810 method – a test for the antimicrobial activity of plastics. The test conducted by FITI, an international testing company, proved that our film is 99.99% effective in the reduction of antibacterial activity.

SIGNMAX® Antimicrobial Copper Film comes in two versions:

  1. Adhesive. Comes on a computer cuttable liner with a solvent acrylic removable adhesive. Ideal for fastening to high contact surfaces.
  2. Non-Adhesive. Ideal for covering button pads, elevator buttons, credit card terminals and other surfaces where movement under the film is necessary. The non-adhesive version can be attached with single sided tape, such as Scotch Tape or double-sided removable tape.
  • Virus Protection for High Touch Surfaces
  • Tested and proven to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

View the Signmax® Antimicrobial Film WRI Supply Carries

Non Adhesive:

  • 15.34″ X 10 m

With Adhesive:

  • 15.6″ x 10 m
  • 48″ x 46 m

Available by the roll or lineal foot.

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