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Introducing the 2023 3M™ Fasara™ Collection

January 26, 2023

Hotel render featuring 2022 Fasara Glass Films collection

New for 2023! 3M™ brings together a new on-trend collection of natural and gradation glass finish designs that will spur creativity while enhancing flow, comfort and function with just the right amount of privacy.

These brand new glass finishes are now in stock by the lineal foot and roll at WRI Supply.

3M Fasara Natural Series 2022 New Collection


The natural series brings the organic world to life into any space. It includes neutral tones and textures of fibrous Japanese paper and stone.

As terrazzo has become popular in recent years, 3M Fasara’s natural collection of terrazzo glass finishes introduce a new concept to interior design by modifying the look of glass with an eye-catching white and black translucent stone and mortar design.

The Travertine collection encapsulates the magnificence of this natural stone in a vein cut design available in both black and white.

Shigure refers to late autumn rain. The Shigure Collection of Glass Finishes are inspired by the delicate fibres of Japanese rice paper, washi. Each finish has a matte texture that adds a new natural dimension to a space.

Inspired by the delicate fibres of Japanese rice piper, Fabril diffuses light, producing soft lighting effects.

The brushed collection combines the texture of Japanese paper with vertical brushstrokes while providing more transparency than the Shigure and Fibril glass finishes.

3M Fasara Glass Film Gradation 2022 New Collection


The gradation family of glass finishes create an elegant setting while maximizing natural light.

While the Illumina series continues to be one of the most popular of the gradation glass finishes, the new Illumina seamless collection is designed for adding privacy to larger glass surfaces in a single piece without seams at maximum width of 57 inches and height of 118 inches.

The Sand, Pop and Oval gradation glass finishes offer an expanded range of asymmetric and geometric centre and single gradation options that the enhance the ambiance.

To inquire or place an order, contact a Customer Service Representative at 800-663-2377.