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3M Introduces a New & Improved PPF

September 15, 2022

By popular demand, 3M has introduced a new gloss paint protection film in Canada:

 Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series 200 Gloss

It features a new and improved adhesive, made to vastly improve workability, repositionability and speed up the installation process. What’s even more exciting is there will be introducing a 72” roll width, allowing for more coverage on larger surface areas.

A firmer adhesive means it’s much easier to float the PPF on and align it to vehicle surfaces. The film has a smooth top clear coat that is easy to squeegee out solutions and bubbles along high points more effectively.

Improved repositionability allows for greater work time during the installation process to remove any unwanted mist contaminants or to re-work an area with minimized lift lines or adhesive marks. This also allows for more time to tack down the film.

Each roll contains a top cap sheet that protects the film during transport. This cap sheet can be easily removed by hand for bulk installs and must be removed prior to plotter cutting.

The slip solution formula for this PPF has changed and requires significantly less soap than before.

Scotchgard™ PPF Pro Series 200 can be stretched up to 15%, making it much more convenient for bulk installations. To lock down the film in non-active areas, a simple wipe down to dry off the surface provides a quick bond to the surface. For tack points, flushing the film with hot water or an alcohol solution and holding it for several seconds allows the adhesive to lock in place.

Scotchgard™ PPF Pro Series 200 features a top layer with a ceramic coating. This makes the vehicle easier to maintain its high gloss appearance by repelling water.

Be sure to reference the new installation guide as there are some key changes to the installation and storage process.

The film produces static electricity and therefore, when using a plotter, it’s recommended that staff stand on an anti-static mat. In addition, anti-static cords with magnets that go over top of the film can help prevent any damage to any electrical components on the plotter.