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Now in Stock: 32 New DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

August 18, 2022

WRI Supply has just expanded the DI-NOC quick ship collection. There are now 32 additional architectural finishes that are in stock and ready to ship, including:

  1. AE-1719 Coking Coal
  2. AE-2154 Urban
  3. AE-2162MT Washed Concrete
  4. FA-2169 Brick and Mortar
  5. NU-1789 Namadji
  6. NU-1934MT Hideaway
  7. NU-2179 Blue White
  8. ST-1586 Smoky Grigio Carnico Marble
  9. DW-1871MT Grizzly Elm
  10. DW-1874MT Ironstone Maple
  11. DW-1875MT Manila Chestnut
  12. DW-1889MT Barefoot Beach Walnut
  13. DW-1898MT Tumble Tan Ash
  14. DW-1993MT Straw Oak
  15. DW-2203MT Sahara Plains Walnut
  16. FW-336 Soft Amber Ash
  17. FW-1214 Tuscan Sun Elm
  18. FW-1262 Biscotti Maple
  19. FW-1283 Pretzel Cherry
  20. FW-1302 Tea Teak
  21. FW-1752H Weathervane Walnut
  22. FW-1767 Sandy Beach Oak
  23. FW-1771H Alpine Walnut
  24. FW-1801 Trailblazer Walnut
  25. FW-7001 Chopstick Elm
  26. WG-478 Raffia Sycamore
  27. WG-837 Beeswax Maple
  28. WG-1220 Vanilla Oak
  29. WG-1348 Chipmunk Ash
  30. WG-1371 Triumph Walnut
  31. WG-1837 Poppyseed Walnut
  32. WG-1841 Boomerang Walnut


To see the entire collection of quick ship finishes that we stock at our Ontario warehouse, we feature them on the Architectural Finishes product page.

All quick ship finishes are available by the lineal metre and roll.

For a sample or to place an order, contact our Customer Service team.