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Cold Weather Digital Vinyl’s

January 14, 2022

WRI Supply sources superior graphics and signage products our customers are searching for. Just in time for winter, we are featuring products that are in stock and ready to ship. Conveniently available by the roll or lineal foot.

Don’t let the colder weather prevent you from installing outdoor short to medium-term graphics during the colder months. WRI Supply carries Continental Grafix panoRama Innova™ Ice & X-Treme™. Both are specially formulated to be applied in frigid temperatures as low as -15°C. You can order them by the lineal foot or 54” x 100’ roll.

panoRama Innova™ Ice 60/40 Perforated Window Film

panoRama Innova Ice perforated window film for cold windows

panoRama Innova™ Ice is the only mount One-Way Vision film that can be applied to retail and vehicle applications in cold weather. It features a 60/40 film/hole pattern.

We offer bundle pricing on panoRama Innova™ Ice with 3M 8518 Gloss, 3M 8914 and Signmax® Optically Clear Overlaminates.

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panoRama X-Treme

panoRama x-treme cold weather printable vinyl

panoRama X-Treme™ is a premium polymeric vinyl specifically designed for extreme outdoor applications. Apply it outdoors from +50°C to -15°C. It’s well-suited for low-surface energy substrates. It’s easy to apply and remove for up to 6 months.

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