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Oracal® 8300 Transparent Cal Collection Now Available at WRI Supply

March 24, 2021

WRI Supply now carries the entire single colour collection of Orofol’s Oracal 8300 Calendared Translucent Films for window and glass applications.

Each of the 30 colours are designed for internally luminated signs, as well as commercial windows and glass applications. What makes the films unique are the distinct pops of tinted colour that can light up any space.

Additional applications, include vehicle head lamps, tail lights and chrome wraps. We do caution that although they can be used for these purposes, the warranty wouldn’t apply for this kind of application.

Whether you need a full roll or in linear yard increments, WRI Supply stocks each and every Oracal 8300 colour. Call us today at 800-663-2377 to place an order.


download colour card