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Vandalism Protection for Graphics & Surfaces

March 8, 2021

When your customer’s business invests in signage to help keep their brand top of mind in high traffic areas, one consideration that’s often overlooked is vandalism protection.

Graffiti is the most common form of vandalism. Depending on the substrate, there are a variety of films and overlaminates that offer short to long-term indoor and outdoor protection.

To protect printed graphic surfaces, including vehicle fleets, rail cars and transit, WRI recommends 3M Wrap Overlaminates 8588 (gloss finish) or 8590 (matte finish). These overlaminates are compatible with the IJ180Cv3-10, IJ180mC-10 (white), IJ180mC-114 (clear), IJ180mC-120 (metallic), LX480mC-10 and SV480mC-10 films.

For artwork protection on various surfaces such as utility boxes, IJ180mC-114 (clear) combined with 8588/8590 is a smart option.
If your customer is seeking an ultra-conformable non-PVC graffiti protection solution for vehicles, we carry 3M 8548 (gloss) and 8549 (lustre) overlaminates.

For flat to simple curved smooth surfaces with or without graphics, 3M’s 8991 or 8993 feature a protective barrier, preventing scratches and gouges, as well as graffiti. These window films are perfect for transit advertising signs.

When applying an anti-graffiti overlaminate on printed graphics, please ensure that all prints are well dried before applying the overlaminate.

When it comes to windows and glass surface protection, we suggest 3M AG-4 and AG-6 window films. They can be quickly and easily removed and replaced with minimal downtime so your customer’s business can maintain a positive brand reputation while saving money.

Got questions about anti-graffiti protection for your next project? Ask WRI Supply.